29 October 2010


ORTICANOODLES "Orticanoodles is the pseudonym for two young Italian artists, a very active and tight-knit duo, composed by Wally and Alita. Both lovers of the stencil technique, they began to create drawings and handmade posters, quickly making themselves known into the street art world...CONTINUED"

-Titled: God Save Stencils
-Edition of 30...each one unique
-Size: 50X70cm
-Medium: spraypaint & stencil on Fabriano/Fedrigoni paper 220g paper



28 October 2010

Ragnar Persson: Death Metal & Cheap Wine

Swedish artist Ragnar Persson enjoys drinking lots of wine & listening black-speed-death-thrash-gore metal music. The underlying theme of his pencil renderings are those of entranced little girls wearing King Diamond t-shirts, while strolling in dark, wolf-filled woods. Ragnar is currently showing his works in a group exhibition curated by Malmö, Sweden's KRETS, titled KNOCK KNOCK at Needles & Pens in San Francisco through November 30th.

View All Photos | ragnar

Matt Taylor: Día de los Muertos 2010

"Matt Taylor is an illustrator from Brighton, England. He lives a stones throw from the sea, and can often be found travelling by bicycle, drawing, photographing things, looking at waves and making marks on paper. He is influenced by comic books, faded Americana, found photos, wildlife, wild music, National Geographic magazine, Jack Kirby and artists too numerous to mention..."

Limited Edition "Día de los Muertos 2010" screen print...orders taken from 10.25-11.2...ONE WEEK ONLY! Once the week is up, Matt will begin printing those orders ONLY. If he sells 10, he only prints 10. No extras. No spares. No 2nd chances. No whining. Get your orders in while you still have time.

-2-color print on A4 (210 x 297mm) heavyweight stock
-Signed and numbered by the artist.
-£10 (approx $15us)...price includes shipping anywhere, worldwide

Matt Taylor's WEBSITE
Matt Taylor's SHOP
Matt Taylor's FLICKR

27 October 2010

Mio I-zawa Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Japanese artist Mio I-zawa has created a twitching umbilical cord that feeds iPhones with power.

More from Mio I-zawa HERE

Sister Corita: The Print Making Nun

It's been argued by many, that Sister Corita was one of the greatest artists of her time...rivaling even that of Andy Warhol.

"A Catholic convent and college in Los Angeles might seem an unlikely breeding ground for Pop Art and social commentary. However, for nearly three decades, Sister Mary Corita—a Catholic nun, teacher, and inspiration to such luminaries as Buckminster Fuller and Charles Eames—devoted her life to creating cutting-edge serigraphs. In 1946, a decade after joining the Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sister Corita began teaching art at Immaculate Heart College and by 1952 she had exhibited her first screenprint..."

Visit Sister Corita's site HERE

ABC's from Central Office on Vimeo.

Allison Schulnik's Hobo Clown

Hobo Clown is a stop-motion animation by Los Angeles based visual artist Allison Schulnik, featuring music by Canadian composer Michael Vincent.

ZOOT: Street Artist & Print Maker

Crushed Hopes by ZOOT [uk] as shown at Brooklynite Gallery. Check out ZOOTs flickr for more of his work HERE

26 October 2010

Nate Duval: Gig Posters & Art Prints

Nate Duval has got to be the hardest working print maker out there, with a hu-f'ing-mungous roster of bands that he's worked with. Don't believe me? Then check out his blog, his Etsy and his store.

Album Cover Mash-Ups by Christian Marclay

Unless you've spent the last decade living under a rock, you've probably heard a mash-up or two. You know, a DJ takes the music from one song and plops the vocals from a totally different song on top of it...and let's not confuse 'mash-ups' for 'sampling'. Mash-ups generally work best when the marriage is ironic. [see youtube for Rick Astley vs Nirvana].

New York based visual artist & composer Christian Marclay goes a step further, he mashes-up LP covers, creating some seriously over the top collages.

Christian Marclay Body Mix

Christian Marclay Body Mix

Gary Numan vs 24 Diehard Batteries

Gary 'Tubeway Army' Numan performs 'Cars' for a Diehard Battery commercial. I'd love it a great deal more if I know this commercial was a spoof on Numan, starring his evil, chubbier doppelganger. Hell, I'm still a huge fan of all things Numan, but this commercial is kind of how I'd imagine I'd feel waking up from a drunken stupor, laying next to a tranny-prostitute...jaw dropped & not really sure what the fuck just happened.

PS...if you're in Chicago tonight, there are still some tickets available for Gary Numan's gig at the Metro.

David Shillinglaw: Colorful Condition

David's 'Colorful Condition' is fresh off of the presses and yours for the gettin'.

-100 full colour pages of selected artworks
-Perfect Bound
-13cm x 16cm
-signed copy will cost you about 20 bucks, shipped to the US

"Colourful Condition presents a collection of work by London based artist, David Shillinglaw. His work includes map-like diagrams, anatomical studies, and hieroglyphic landscapes..."

More info is yours, HERE

Ben Javens: Some Danged Good Packaging

Ben Javens is an illustrator from across the pond (England), whose flair for great design precedes him. I've been a fan of Ben's 60's Danish stylized graphics for a wee bit. Needless to say, I grinned like a little girl while shopping at my neighborhood Target store here, in Chicago & spied a row of 8th Continent Soymilk containers from yours truly, Ben.

Check his Website out HERE and his Blog HERE

Fight Club Spoofed for Binaca Breath Spray

Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club flick gets parodied for Binaca.

Gregory Isaacs: Dead at 59

59 year old Gregory Isaacs passed away last night at his home in London. The Reggae Dancehall legend spent the latter part of his career dealing with drug addiction (and its complications) and more recently, last year battling lung cancer. Here's to you, brother. God Bless.

Madelinex: Klaus Nomi - Riding The New Wave

I just received a heads up from Madeline in NYC...who has a fabulous blog running. She sent me a link about her experiences in the midst of the NYC music/ art scene in its hey-day and encounters with David Bowie, Klaus Nomi & Joey Arias and more specifically, the very same SNL broadcast that I blogged about last night.

Hit the link HERE and peruse Madelinex's Klaus Nomi - Riding The New wave...a muy fabulous re-telling!


25 October 2010

Joey D...Animator, Illustrator, Artist

Joey D is a Chicago based artist, illustrator, animator and all-around madman. His artwork is off-the-freakin-chain! Joey D was recently part of Hotbox's "The Corner Store" (art gallery in a delivery van that showed up in different spots all over Chicago) which also featured Swiv, The Grocer & Nice-One. He's also part of a group gig at OHNO!DOOM till the end of the month.

So, do yourself a big fat favor & roll that mouse of yours over to his Blog, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook & Vimeo HERE

David Bowie and Klaus Nomi

Flash back to the Winter of '79. I was up past my bed-time, watching 'late night programming', waiting for Saturday Night Live to air. David Bowie (featuring Klaus Nomi & Joey Arias) was the musical guest on this episode of SNL. I nearly shat my Underroos & fell off of the sofa when they hit the stage. You see, it was the end of another crappy decade in the US, television was all about Leaving It To Beaver (and other wholesome viewing). The radio stations? They all played the same mix of pop swill. Bad, really bad, fashion was all the rage (some things never change). But, there was always David Bowie, in all his glorious androgyny, who I could rely on to take me away from the doldrums of a.m. radio love songs & faux wood paneling.

My Newest Print: Vintage French Velo Racer

This is a limited edition, hand pulled screen print that I recently completed of a vintage velo track racer, posing in all of his glorious mustached regalia. The original image is circa 1908, France.

The Details:
-Printed in an edition of only (15)
-4-color print on Lewis Paper 100# Cougar Natural paper
-Image size: 9"x12.5"
-Paper size: 13"x16.75"
-20 Bucks

More info HERE

My Newest Print: Tour De France

A Tour De France poster...not re-interpreted, just freshened up a wee bit.

Some Details:
-Title: Tour De France
-Printed in an edition of only (10)
-3-color print
-French Paper, Speckletone, Starch white, 100lb
-Image size: 11"x15.75"
-Paper size: 16"x20"
-20 Bucks

More info HERE

Helvetica Cookie Cutters

Helvetica Cookie Cutters from Beverly Hsu...yum!

Vintage Russian Postcards

I don't pretend to speak Russian, so don't flip out if I lost something in translation. For what they are, these few vintage Russian postcards are great thumbnails of basic graphic design meets Public Service Announcements.

russian postcards 11

*Helmets save lives.

russian postcards 29

*Labor. Labor. Labor. Labor...and Labor some more.

 russian postcards 31

*Donate blood...or see above postcard.

Alvin Lustig: Modern Designs of...

Cover of Industrial Design Magazine's April 1954 issue by the late, great American designer...Alvin Lustig.

And on that note, Chronicle Books recently released the long anticipated book, titled "Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig".

Additional info: HERE

24 October 2010

Rae McGrath 'Childhood'

Brooklynite Gallery's own Rae McGrath has just dropped a fresh print, titled 'Childhood'

Mixed Media Screen-Print
Archival Paper
11" x 15"35 bucks


Dave Kinsey 'Radio In A Box'

BLK/MRKT Editions recently released another off the chain screenprint from Dave Kinsey, titled Radio In A Box.
4-color screenprint on 100% cotton rag.
Edition of 150

Sonnenzimmer Test Prints

Ex-Bird Machine stable-mates Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi make up the Chicago based print making duo better known as Sonnenzimmer. On their own, Sonnenzimmer's prints are highly sought after by flatstock collectors worldwide, but Test Prints? Hells bells, yes..and there isn't anything I love more than a Test Print. So, do yourself a favor, roll on over to their site and get some, while they still last.


Exit Through The Gift Shop...An Interview With Jaimie D' Cruz & Chris King

Jaimie D' Cruz (Producer) and Chris King (Editor) of Exit Through The Gift Shop sit down and get into a deep, 42-minute interview...sharing the 'nuts & bolts' that went into the making of Exit Through The Gift Shop with David Poland (DP/30).

*The DVD drops in the US December 14th...ask Santa for yours HERE

11 October 2010


It was early in the 80's. Nose-Candy was still sorta' legal...you could still get your scripts for Ecstasy filled at the corner drugstore. Music & fashion were all over the place....mindless, clueless, gender-bent. Miami Vice was King. In certain circles, still is. The world was slathered in pastels & neons. Poofy shirts. Poofy haircuts. Peg Leg pants and jazz-shoes. God Bless Z-Cavaricci!

Like any red-blooded American boy, I spent my nights making cassette mix-tapes....and shaving the hair from the palms of my hands.

This weeks mix-tape includes a few of my most memorable NU-RO (New-Romantic) and New Wave faves.

Classix Nouveaux "Guilty"
-Cross dressed, pre-Goth, pogo dancing gayness. I bought the 7"...who didn't?...and swore up and down that this was the edgiest NuRo jam ever. Ever! Today was the first time I've listened to "Guilty" in well over 25 years...and I still know all of the lyrics, all 3 of them.

Righeira "Vamos a la Playa"
-I bought the 7" single at my local mall music store. I was always sweatin' the girl up behind the counter. She had big hair...BIG! I still remember the picture sleeve...2 copper-toned greased fellas on a white sand beach, wearing Euro Speedo's. I believe they were smuggling gerbils in the front of their man-pannies.

Adam and the Ants "Stand and Deliver"
Another NuRo superstar. Adam was no mere flash in the pan. He straddled the fence, somewhere between Punk Rock pirate & New Romantic highwayman. The band had 2 drummers and they layed heavy, heavy, infectious beats that would excite me like no other band...causing me to toss on a pair of New Wave sunglasses (picture Star Trek's LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge) as I jumped out of my seat to pogo all around the living room, like all of the kiddies on American Bandstand.

01 October 2010


Scott Albrecht is a Brooklyn-based artist & designer whose skills with wood & text and wooden text can't be beat (sorry for this bad pun)with a stick.

Hit his Blog: HERE and his Flickr: HERE



Netherland is hands down, one of the grooviest collage artists around. His fondness for 70's magazine ads & hi-fi appliances can't be beat, man.

Wanna see more? Check out Netherland's Flickr Here and his website HERE

FairWheel Bikes x Geoff McFetridge 3-Speed Fixie Collab

Geoff McFetridge unleashed his 2nd collaborative dream-bike with the folks at FairWheel Bikes...this sweet-thang is a 3-speed fixed gear!

Boogie over to the FairWheelBikes.com website: HERE